What Are the Positive Benefits of Mother Earth Orgone?

Mother Earth Orgone products generate a positive life force that continually emits powerful Chi, Ki, or Kundalini energy (creative sexual/spiritual energy in a physical form). We utilize a simple and fun Kinesiology test of both muscle and balance that validates our products and their value in strengthening your system. Holding or wearing these beautiful creations literally changes negative energy to positive energy, supporting a higher, healthier, and more balanced physical and emotional state. Mother Earth Orgone is a practical tool that helps you maintain a highly positive energy field in your personal space and workplace, blessing and benefiting you and those you spend time with.  

                  Mother Earth Orgone enhances meditation, creativity and sexuality, while improving mental and physical health.  

     In addition to directly improving your physical health, Mother Earth Orgone helps to improve meditation as well as improving our overall health. Mother Earth Orgone also helps by removing dead Orgone radiation (DOR), which is responsible for negativity, illness, and pollution, replacing it with pure/positive Orgone (POR). DOR comes from devices such as cell phones, microwave ovens, televisions, and computers, while POR comes from trees, water and other natural/living things.

Orgone clears negative energies, while 
improving mood and behavior.

     Negative energy such as DOR helps to create negative moods and behaviors in both people and animals, including household pets. By improving the energy, Orgone generators foster calmer homes and businesses, and better behaved pets.

Orgone helps to heal Gaia, our sacred Mother Earth.

     Gaia is another name for our sacred Mother Earth. She has ley lines, chakras, and breath holes, she is affected by negative EMFs just like we are. Negative EMFs, created by cell towers, electrical stations, and telephone lines distort her ley lines. Ley lines are magnetic navigation guides for migratory birds and animals, including whales and other sea creatures. This leads many responsible, compassionate individuals and green organizations to “gift” Gaia and their neighbors by placing Mother Earth Orgone pyramids or cones near cell towers or electrical stations, so her ley lines can begin to heal. In addition, by protecting your home, business and community’s environment with Mother Earth Orgone energizers, you create a positive energy grid that also benefits the trees, plants, animals, and Gaia herself.  

  Other benefits from Mother Earth Orgone energizers 

• An enhanced sense of well being
• Increased balance and harmony in relationships
• Better sleep and more vivid dreams
• Better health and more energy
• Increased mental focus and clarity
• Calmer household or work environment
• Enhanced spiritual growth and psychic growth
• Protection from psychic attacks 
• Boosting plant growth, gardens, and farms
• Changing polluted water into clean water
• Reducing the radiation fields surrounding 
   nuclear reactors.

Legal Disclaimer: These products are not medical devices and are not intended for use in diagnosing disease or other conditions, or in the cure or prevention of disease. 
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