We are passionately committed to increasing individuals' awareness of "holistic" approaches towards health and wellbeing , and the importance of honoring our  sacred Mother Earth. Our goal is to help individuals, families and companies neutralize the negative effects of EMFs and restore their own natural energy fields.  

     All of our net proceeds go to Inspire Every Child Foundation. So every time you purchase a beautiful Mother Earth Orgone product, we are able to send award-winning Illumination Arts children’s books to help less fortunate children achieve a better education and a brighter future.   

     Please visit our children's foundation at: 

To view Illumination Arts award-wining inspiring children's books 
Please visit: www.illumination-arts.com

 About Mother Earth Orgone
Legal Disclaimer: These products are not medical devices and are not intended for use in diagnosing disease or other conditions, or in the cure or prevention of disease. 
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